Peg Racks and Shelves

Safe, Secure Coatpegs

The peg rack is the foundation of the Squarepeg system. It comprises repeating sets of opposing pegs specially designed so that each coat keeps its partner on the peg rather than falling onto the floor.

This design also keeps the coat pages away from children by placing them behind a safety rail. The corners of this rail have a generous curve and are protected by rubber bumpers. Together, these features ensure that children rushing between lessons are kept far safer than with conventional coat hanging systems.

Maintenance Free Construction

Like all of our products, the peg racks feature an unbreakable all-welded steel construction that is built by hand in our Sheffield workshop. The peg racks are individually made so can be delivered in any length to maximise the cloakroom space available.

Pegs racks protrude 150mm from the wall and are available in four bright colours. However, because we build and paint everything in-house, custom sizes and colours are often available on request.

These long standard pegs can accommodate a larger bag strap and give wider spacing. if preferred, a shorter peg option is also available to allows closer spacing and increase the number of pegs. This is particularly suitable for KS1 children with smaller bags.

Suitable for All Rooms

Squarepegs can be attached to all walls and is usually fixed directly to minimise material and installation cost. With some weaker substrates such as plasterboard, the product can be ordered with a slimline leg which gives additional support by taking any cantilever force.

Keeping Floors Clear

Because not every item has a hanging loop, Squarepeg are often supplied with a low-level shelf. Fixed below, at skirting height, it allows children to safely store shoes, bags and umbrellas without them spilling out onto the floor. Protruding 200mm from the wall, the shelves feature a strong wire mesh that allows any dirt or stones to fall through onto the floor so that school cleaners don’t need to vacuum additional surfaces. The front rail prevents any items from spilling off the shelf.

For installations onto weaker walls, the peg racks might be equipped with the additional slimline leg option. In this case, the low-level shelves attach in a similar manner to ensure they remain fixed. If the cloakroom uses our off-shots  or islands, the shelves can also follow the shape of these additions and provide a seamless, complete solution all around the room.

Squarepegs School Cloakroom pegs

Opposing pegs keep coat off the floor

Squarepegs School Cloakroom Safety

Rubber safety bumpers

Squarepegs School Cloakroom Shelves

Matching low-level shelves

Squarepegs School Cloakroom Flexibility

Flexible module design

Squarepegs School Cloakroom Coatpegs

Hand-built, all-welded steel construction

Other Squarepegs Products

Cloakroom Benches

The Squarepegs system can add sturdy, hand-made wooden benches to the peg racks allowing a cloakroom to also serve as a changing room.

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