Squarepegs: Safe, Secure Coat Pegs for Schools

Squarepegs is a unique modular coat hanging system designed to make schools safer and tidier.

The patented opposing-pegs design ensures that coats are not competing for wall space, so they stay on the peg and not on the floor. The system also features a front safety rail with padded buffers that helps prevent injury to children.

Every Squarepegs product is designed and hand-built in Sheffield, UK. The products are made-to-measure to fit cloakrooms and corridors of all shapes and sizes, and the all-welded steel construction means that Squarepegs are maintenance free. This gives school managers a better return on investment by combining more pegs and greater usability in each cloakroom.

The peg rack is the foundation of the Squarepegs system and is usually supplied with a matching low-level shelf. Schools can then add additional capacity with perpendicular runs of pegs called off-shots and stand-alone islands that sit in the centre of a room. Another popular option is the addition of sturdy wooden benches that allow a cloakroom to also serve as a changing room.

All products come powder coated in four standard colours, but a huge range of custom colours are also available. With this durable heat-cured coating and the welded all-steel construction, they are built to last a lifetime.

Today, hundreds of schools around the UK are safer, tidier and less expensive to maintain thanks to Squarepegs.

Cloakroom Benches

The Squarepegs system can add sturdy, hand-made wooden benches to the peg racks allowing a cloakroom to also serve as a changing room.

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The Benefits of Squarepegs

They Make Schools Safer

Many school cloakrooms have rows of sharp or protruding coat pegs. These are often positioned around head height for a child and create a potentially significant safety hazard.

The Squarepegs coat hanging system features a front safety rail that keeps young heads away from the coat pegs. Additionally, the corners are rounded and fitted with padded rubber safety bumpers.

They Keep School Cloakrooms Tidier

Conventional coat pegs create a problems for school teachers and governors because coats are easily dislodged and end up on the floor. This leaves school cloakrooms untidy, dirties clothes and creates trip hazards for children rushing between lessons.

The unique, patented Squarepegs design means coats don’t compete for wall space. Instead the opposed peg positioning keeps even the bulkiest coats on the hooks rather than the floor. The optional shelves are also raised to make floor cleaning beneath them easier.

They Reduce Maintenance Costs

All our products are designed, built and painted in-house at our Sheffield workshop. They are constructed from steel with every joint carefully hand-welded and checked before the powder coating process is applied to give an unbeatably tough finish.

Thanks to this unique attention to detail, Squarepegs products are completely maintenance free and designed to last a lifetime.

They’re Hand-Made in the UK

None of our products are mass produced or imported. They are hand-made to order by Mark Jackson, the inventor of the Squarepegs system and an engineer with more than 30 years experience in steel construction.

Our workshop is located within Sheffield’s Portland Works, one of the UK’s most important historical industrial buildings and home to a collection of workspaces for traditional craftspeople. Appropriately, Portland Works is often referred to as the birthplace of stainless-steel manufacturing.

What Our Customers Say

A Small Selection of Installations Countrywide

Abbey Court School, Kent
Aldermans Green Primary, Coventry
Alma Primary, Enfield
Anglesey Primary, Burton
Bootham School, York
Boothstown Primary, Salford
Bracebridge Infants, Lincoln
Cannon Lane Primary, Harrow
Castlechurch Primary, Staffs
Coates Way Primary, Watford
Colegrave Primary, Stratford
Corpus Christi Primary, Surrey

Crab Lane Primary, Manchester
Dell Primary, Lowestoft
Fielding Primary, Ealing
Filey Junior, North Yorkshire
Great Sankey High, Warrington
Hawbush Infants, Dudley
Highfield Hall Primary, Chesterfield
Hitherfield Primary, Streatham
Holme Valley Primary, Scunthorpe
Hunters Bar Infant & Junior, Sheffield
Kingsthorne Primary, Birmingham
Knowsley Junior, Oldham

Lacey Green Academy, Cheshire
Launcelot Primary, Bromley
Ladtbrook Primary, Stockport
Markeaton Primary, Derby
Mill Lane Junior, Stockton on Tees
Morningside Primary, Hackney
Nettleworth Infants, Mansfield
New York Primary, North Shields
Oakthorpe Primary, Enfield
Paston Ridings Primary, Peterborough
Robin Hood Infants, Nottingham
Roe Lee Park Primary, Blackburn

Southbank International, London
St Dominic Savio Primary, Reading
St James Primary, Stourbridge
St Lawrence Junior, Feltham
St Peter and St Pauls Primary, Suffolk
St Pirans School, Maidenhead
St Stephens Primary, Lewisham
St Stephens Primary, Deptford
Swinton Queen Primary, Rotherham
Thomas Arnold Primary, Dagenham
Two Gates Primary, Tamworth
Westfield Primary, Bath

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