Off-Shots and Islands

Flexible, Bespoke Installations

Squarepeg’s off-shots and islands allow head teachers and school managers to install coat hanging systems the make the absolute best use of cloakroom space.


Off-shots are smaller runs of pegs that attach at right angles to the peg rack. By positioning these at intervals along a wall of pegs, we can create small alcoves of additional hanging space. As with the peg racks, the corners of these off-shots are both curved and protected by a rubber safety bumper to maximise children’s safety. They may also include a low-level shelf to match the adjoining system.


Islands are designed to function in a similar manner to kitchen islands They provide valuable additional coat hanging space in the centre of larger cloakrooms. Featuring two sets of peg racks secured back-to-back, islands can also be used to segment or break-up a cloakroom. This can help to slow down rushing children thereby further improving their safety.

Hand-Built to Last

Once again, these products feature an unbreakable all-welded steel construction that is built by hand in our Portland Works facility. They can also be constructed in any size to maximise the cloakroom space available. They are available in four bright colours. However, because we build and paint everything in-house, custom sizes and colours are often available on request.

Squarepegs School Cloakroom Islands

Stand-alone islands

Squarepegs School Cloakroom Offshots

Offshots for extra capacity

Squarepegs School Cloakroom modular design

Modular bespoke design

Other Squarepegs Products

Cloakroom Benches

The Squarepegs system can add sturdy, hand-made wooden benches to the peg racks allowing a cloakroom to also serve as a changing room.

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